Saturday, November 04, 2006

ACEO - Art Cards

Copyright 2006 Annie M! Annie M!ACEO's are the latest fad on Ebay. They are tiny little masterpieces of original and editions of art, only 2.5 x 3.5" wide. They are affordable and collectible. I'm trying my hand at these and have made 8 so far, 3 of which I'm satisfied with. I will list these on Ebay starting at $4.99. Yup, that's right. For the fun of it, it is suggested that we all start these at a low price so people can afford to buy, sell and trade. They are a fun thing and fit in the same sized sleeves that baseball cards fit in. So if you see any that you like, now's your chance to contact me.

Let me know whatcha think.


Trying out some Christmas card ideas.... I will be adding glitter to this snow globe to simulate snow. "Snow globe" c '06

Are you ready for..... THANKSGIVING? How did that happen so fast, no?

Monday, October 30, 2006


"Adieu" Copyright 2006


My photos seem to be about endings lately. Well, fall is the time of endings, isn't it? Are you all set for Halloween? What are you giving out? Since our street doesn't have a streetlight, we never get any trick or treaters :( Last year my cousin and I drove around the neighborhoods just to see the kids' costumes and to reassure myself that yes, there really is still a Halloween and kids still go door to door. One of my favorite parts of Halloween is all the local ghost stories published in the paper. And of course the old horror movies on tv. How 'bout you? What are you watching on tv during this witchy season? Got any ghost stories to tell?

UFO? Here's a pic of something we don't see much of here in Michigan. (Answer: Below the picture.)

(Answer: A clear blue sky.)


Any artists reading this blog? Well, I tried to give up art for awhile, but found that I couldn't and still keep my sanity. A friend once said to me that "artists can't help it"... and I think he was right ;) I'll be posting my new creations on this blog from time to time; all are available unless otherwise noted. I guess all artists go through this phase - throw down those brushes and swear they'll never paint again. Well, I think my subconscious was still working on it because I emerged with even more ideas for paintings. Now I'm only limited by how fast I can get the ideas down on paper. I'm trying on a new fad called Art Cards which are little works of original art sold and traded on Ebay. Just look up ACEO in your Ebay search and you'll see thousands of these little gems. They're like baseball cards for art lovers. They're "affordable and collectible". I'm also getting back into my whimsical greeting cards, so if you've got a special person you'd like a card or cards for, drop me an e-mail. The black poodle note cards I made for the poodle owner were a hit. All I need is a photo of the pet. Got any ideas for a children's book? Having illustrated one published children's book, I still long to do another one.

Have a happy and haunted Halloween,

Who says I don't have good taste in jewelry?
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