Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thursday Threesome... Recipe for Cooking Fresh Garlic

Here is the 2nd part of my post today. Evidentally my post was too long so I had to split it in half.


Here are the "Thursday Threesome" questions for this week. I think they are great questions just to chew the fat with (ahem, as we say here in the deep piney woods of Michigan, ha). Give them a try and post your answers in my comment section. All are invited. Come on, play along. I mean when was the last time people were interested, really interested in your opinions, huh? (*g*)

Here are the Thursday Threesome questions for this week...,

::Disc Golf Season::
Onesome: Disc--overy channel madness: did you catch the Mythbusters show with
the bit about the Mentos and Diet Coke (episode 57)? Have you tried it at home yet? What am I talking about? Psst: it's a fun project with the kids...

I'd never heard of it so checked out the pics. It does look like a blast. What creative person (with too much time on their hands, ha) thought of it?

Twosome: Golf-- Do you play? Do you watch? Do you care? Even the Opens? Just wondering...

Lump me in with the don't play, don't care group. Actually I used to play on the leagues. Now I can think of 1,001 ways I'd rather spend my time.

Threesome: Season----ing salt? What spices do you routinely use when you're cooking up a little something for yourself? A little tarragon? Cinnamon? White pepper? What perks up a meal for you?

I received a beautiful organic fresh garlic braid from my little bro for my birthday. Wow, if you haven't tried fresh garlic, you should. Here's a quickie tutorial:... Buy a big fresh garlic with lots of garlic cloves on it. Take a couple of the cloves off. You don't have to worry about peeling it much, just flake off the outer loose skin. But DON'T peel off the inner protective skin around the clove. Don't cut off either end of the clove either. Think of it as being in it's own little protective skin. Just place it in the frying pan beside your stir fry and fry for 2-3-4 minutes or until toothpic inserted in it shows the inside is soft. Or bake for 3-4 minutes. Then let cool, peel off the outer skin and inside you'll find creamy fresh garlic to spread on your crackers. It's wonderful. Yes, you will smell like garlic for a day afterward, but think standing outside an Italian restaurant and smelling that great garlicy cooking. I like the smell of fresh garlic on people. (Did I mention that I was Italian, ha ha). If you run into any problems cooking it, just e-mail me or post it here and I'll get back to ya.

Peace and enjoy your new treat,

Thursday Threesome ...... The Nine Billion Names of God

Wow... Michigan produce is in season and we are having a blast eating the freshest of the fresh from roadside stands and at the store - sweet corn, black sweet cherries (big Yum on that one), squash, blueberries, raspberries, green peppers, melons and on and on. They say the grape crop was ruined this year, but that everything else is enjoying a bumper crop because of the heat wave we had. Here's a pic of one of the days when the humidity was high (although it got much higher).

Have you ever heard of the science fiction book or short story (maybe by Arthur C. Clarke?) "The Nine Billion Names of God?" Reading the books I ordered from the Human Kindness Foundation made me think of the many different ways that people "believe" (or don't believe) and all the numerous names there were for God/The Force. Such as: The Force, God, The Tao, The Path, Allah, Buddah, The Way, The Great Spirit, Oneness or One, and probably about 9 billion more. Can you think of any more? Feel free to post them in my comment section :)


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