Saturday, January 06, 2007

Kitty Smile.....

What little word play do you notice in the picture below? (ok, slightly misspelled, but still word play)

Smile 2007

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Beginnings... Michigan Moon 2007

Michigan Moon c 2007

A beautiful Michigan moon on January 2, 2007 - a good omen for a new era. WELCOME HOME, DEMOCRATS :) :) :)

Did you see the meteorite shower a couple of weeks ago? We saw the biggest most beautiful meteorite we've ever seen - we thought it was a firework. A friend actually saw tails on a few, and different colors.

What did you do on New Years Eve? Did you watch the old "Twilight Zone" reruns on Sci-Fi? I look forward to them every year and never get tired of them. Rod Serling was a utopian visionary and I think that "Twilight Zone" and the original "Star Trek" are where a lot of socially conscientious boomers received many of their moral and liberal ideas. We also watched Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth". Gotta admit that if you live in Michigan we actually ARE living the global warming. Our grass is bright green and I was outside in my BARE FEET today, when usually we've got zero temps and oodles of snow and ice at this time of year. (Ok, ok, so I'll admit that I've been known to go outside in my bare feet even when it IS zero, teee) The down side is that the sky is actually acting like a globally warmed greenhouse, completely socked-in with clouds probably 5 days out of every 7. And that's being generous, we didn't see the sun for several 2-3 week stretches and that's waaay too long to go without sun. (As a matter of fact, does that scenario remind you of an old Twilight Zone episode???) I don't miss struggling with driving in the snow... and love these warmer temps. But it does seem rather strange; it makes everybody feel kind of out of synch with Mother E. And I'd rather struggle with the snow than know that global warming is just around the corner (or here already) :oO

What's new in your area of the zoo? What are you doing to help stave off global warming? Recycling? Eating greener and more locally grown (and eating less food)? Driving less?


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