Monday, November 15, 2004

Mexican Day of the Dead (Halloween)

Hello Bloggers and Blogettes:

I was cruising through Lolo's blog site one day (see: "Lori's blog" in the list on the left side of this screen), and saw some pics she'd taken of an artist named Jennifer Jacobsen who had an art exhibit in a travelling "art" van called the Izzy's "Van Go" van. Isn't that a nifty way to exhibit artwork - take it on the road TO any location you want for an opening - mobile art! If you'd like to see what it looked like, go back into Lori's blog by about a month or two, and you'll see the pics.

In keeping with my love of unique "thingies", I'll show you all some FUN works of art that I recently got from Jenn. After seeing her unique art and the fact that she was making beautiful cookies, I contacted her to see about getting edible gifts/works-of-art for my family's annual October birthday fiesta. First are the Day of the Dead (Mexican Halloween) cookies that I got for each October birthday person, complete with their names written across the top in Mexicana fashion. Of COURSE I didn't eat mine, but put it in my Frida shrine (Frida would love it) in keeping with Frida's somewhat macabre sense of humor. Everyone got a real kick out of getting a genuine DoD fiesta item. Didn't Jenn do an amazing job painting these with frosting in her original designs? They tasted like a little bit of Heaven, one of the best cookies we have ever eaten. Here are a couple of pics...

Next is my genuine Day of the Dead sugar skull with my name Annie written across the bottom. Sugar skulls are a traditional Mexican Day of the Dead trinket, and I keep mine right on my dressing table so that every day she can remind me that life is short and to be thankful for each day that I'm here. Jenn did a wonderful job on the original designs. I really like the big read bow that says "Love" in her hair :)

If you ever need some UNIQUE specially designed cookies for your next party, just e-mail me and I'll pass your request on to Jenn for more info for you. Jenn recently transferred a shop-owner/artist's personal design to her cookies for a shop opening reception, and they were a real hit; so she can put YOUR designs on her cookies for just that perfect treat!

Who says I don't have good taste in jewelry?
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