Saturday, February 04, 2006

Mini ACEO cards.... and Cat Nap greeting card...l and 50's Book Cover Art

Copyright 2005 Annie M! Annie M!

Going... going... GONE! Here are many of my previous paintings made into happy tiny collectible art cards. If you'd like to own a few, drop me an e-mail. There are cats (Happy feet card and cat with mouse toy), dogs, sunflower with bee, school girl, angel, Little Red Hat Society lady (original sold) and grumpy little man (orig. sold), and whatever you see in the pics. They can be packaged in lots of one, two, three or more, whatever you choose and VERY reasonably priced.... and they include a tiny envelope. When these are gone, that's ALL THERE is, I'm only making 5 of each card so their new owners can own a signed LIMITED EDITION tiny giclee archival acid-free print. (whew! that's a lotta verbiage :o0 These also fit in a standard ACEO collector's sleeve too.

Do you know what an ACEO is? It stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals and they are miniature original and prints works of art that people are trading, selling, collecting on Ebay. They fit in a sports-card plastic sleeve which is why the originators decided to make theym 2.5 x 3.5" so there would already have been a plastic sleeve that people could keep them in. They've STORMED Ebay where thousands are auctioned all the time (just type ACEO in your Ebay search). And a great way for people who like to own AFFORDABLE original art or who don't have a lotta space. The themes are endless, take a peek on Ebay. My mini cards above ALL can fit in the standard ACEO collection sleeve. To be a bona-fide ACEO, art has to be EXACTLY 2.5 x 3.5 and some of mine above are smaller, but they will still fit in your collection sleeve. Hey, these are only available right now on Annie's website, so get 'em while they're hot!!!


Here is a new "Cat Nap" blank inside greeting card that is also available. Nap time, anyone???

Copyright 2006 Annie M! Annie M!

Do you like the 1950's book cover art? I used to squirrel away a few vintage paperbacks just for the cover art, definitely not for the reading - whew! it seemed like the ones with the WORST stories had the best art. Favs of mine were the sexy 1950's "babes" and also the vintage sci-fi, especially if it had a preposterous rocket ship and/or a cumbersome-looking space suit. I've got some doozies. I understand that they're getting collectible. At least they must be because our local bookstore has two full racks of them starting at $4 on up to about $12. I used to pick them up at garage sales for $.10. Wish I'd kept them ALL! Here are a couple of the babes - hopefully I'll have time to get some sci-fi's up here too soon.

...and my favorite "The Illustrated Man" by Ray Bradbury. This is actually my copy. Isn't the illustrated man beautiful? The movie with Rod Steiger and Clare Bloom was EXCELLENT. I looked all over this book and there is no illustrator's credit for this wonderful illustration, can you believe it? This was a book club edition, maybe that's why? Hmmm... any time I see an illustration on greeting cards, novelties, fast food sacks, etc, even on the most mundane little bits of art I always ask myself "wonder who the illustrator was?" Hopefully that will change someday....

What have you been painting lately? Me? Three gnome houses that I'll post soon.

Happy Painting,

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