Wednesday, January 16, 2008

VaLeNtInE CARDS.....

Three Valentine cards just listed on Ebay and they'll show up tonight at 10:00 Michigan time:



Did you ever wonder about the Ebay numbering system? How just in the couple of minutes it takes me to list these sequentally, how several hundred items got listed in the space of a couple of minutes? A-mazing ;)

Monday, January 14, 2008

SNOW..... and Snow Fairy Princess watercolor illustration

New painting and new story line for a snow fairy children's book inspired by all the SNOW we have here in Michigan... although, probably snow fairies aren't anything new. I've added a different spin to my snow fairy story, though, that I think is new. Any children's book editors or children's book writers out there looking at my blog??? I've been through the whole process of having a children's book successfully published, so I constantly long for more. Here's your illustrator - step right up ;) Just e-mail:

I've developed a new font that I'm using in this story. Font name: "Annie'sFun" (copyright 2008). I've written up the "font rules" like a all good font designah's need to do. Here's a sample:

I'm also working on one more font. I'm going to frame the original fairy and the font and will post a photo when I get them in the frame. I like framed illustration art and lettering, hand-lettering, fonts and calligraphy, so I wanted to get these in a good frame in case there's another commercial art show this year. There was one a couple of year's ago that I missed :( my bad.


Yay! Just received notice that I had one painting accepted in the local art center's annual juried art show. It was "Lady Gardener" watercolor illustration. Wish me luck! Lots of prizes and awards being handed out and I'm an award ho. Like the great philosopher Mary Kay said... there are two things people want more than money and sex; and that is recognition and praise (or somethin' like that, sorry MK if I didn't get it quite right, but you all get my drift).

I still have two smaller original versions of her (around 8 x 10") similar to the big one (about 16 x 24" in the show), only I've added borders on the smaller ones and her expression is slightly different. They are both still available in quality frames, and then I will retire the design. If you're interested in having the little lady gardener brighten up your space, just e-mail me. Look in my September postings to see the smaller versions framed for the Fair.

SNOW! These photos are from two weeks ago, but I've had the after-holiday-blahs from too much sugar and way too much food, so they are being posted today. We got 15" in one night. What you see in the second picture is a "roof snow rake". Looks like fun, dunnit? We wondered how many TONS of snow we actually had on our roof after that storm. Then we got an unseasonally warm week with temps in the high 60's (unheard of) and I was outdoors in my bare feet! 'Splain that one to me, Lucy. It all melted off in about one day. Now we are back to our more normal 3 inches today, 3 tonight, and 3 more inches tomorrow. :)


All artwork seen on this site is ALREADY copyrighted to the artist and may not be reproduced or copied in any way shape or form w/o express permis. of the artist. NADA, nada, if you are thinking of copying anything, tsk tsk, big BAD, don't do it :(

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