Thursday, August 31, 2006

Isn't Mimi cute :) Mimi is a miracle cat - we needed to find a home for her when her owners decided to move into assisted living, and guess what? We found a good home on the very first phone call. (!) Can you believe it? We couldn't.


What's wrong with this picture? (remember, this is in Michigan on the last day of August today).

What's wrong with this picture... The grass is GREEN and usually in August our grass gets burned out and lawns look pretty bad. Is this global warming? There are bumper crops in Michigan of corn and soybeans and fruit this year. A farmer told us he was getting 100 bu per acre of soybeans which I hear is unheard of. (Hope I've got that right, 100 bushels, but don't quote me on it). The corn looks amazingly healthy, just bursting out of the fields. All the fruit we get at stands, farmers markets, and at the grocery is beautiful. Well, I'm not saying that global warming is a good thing now.... we may change our tune if and when the sea levels rise. But for this time and space, Michigan is enjoying an amazing abundance.


Happy morning glories.

Got a question for all you bloggers.... especially the lurkers that I hear from via e-mail once in a great while. We're thinking of changing this blog to one that you don't have to sign in for, no usuername and password. It seems that most people find it too cumbersome to have to sign in and choose a password and won't leave a comment.

See ya... and enjoy the last of the summer days,

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cooking with Fresh Garlic

Here's the beautiful organic home-grown-absolutely-delicious garlic braid little bro made for my birthday. It's almost too pretty to eat, no?

Here's another little tidbit I learned about cooking with fresh garlic. I'm learning that you don't want to put the fresh garlic in right at first when you start cooking your dish; but wait until the last couple of minutes before the dish is done. I could really tell a difference - it seemed that the fresh garlic actually got kind of burned when I slow cooked it and changed flavor to not-so-good. Now that I'm adding it during the last few minutes of cooking, it tastes much better.

How about you? Ever tried cooking with fresh garlic?


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mushroom Fairy Ring II

Fairy Ring II.... after one night's growth in Michigan swampy humidity :)

Who says I don't have good taste in jewelry?
Scroll your mouse over the ring and watch it light up!