Sunday, December 18, 2005

"The Gnarly Old Church and the Cobbly Little Parsonage" painting almost done

"The Gnarly Old Church and the Cobbly Little Parsonage"

© Annie M! Annie M!

Almost done. Better pics of this will be taken soon. It still needs several coats of varnish and I'm framing it in one of mom's vintage frames. The edges of the frame are carved wood, and this frame looks really neat with the little church, very rustic Americana. The show entry date is rapidly approaching ...(biting nails).... This was created with oil sticks, graphite, and India ink on vintage canvas (also mom's). The vintage canvas gives all the colors a natural aged look which match the aged appearance of the Little Old Church. These colors needed toning down because they're oil sticks, one of the brightest media that I know of.

Does anyone out there know how to photograph canvas and not get moire - moire = squigly lines going through it? Let me know if you do, because my close-ups all had moire, which is why I haven't posted them here yet. I'll take it out in the sunlight again and try taking another photo.

Are you ready for Christmas? How did it happen so fast, less than a week away :o0


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