Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Scooter Kitty

Here's a pic of new Scooter. She went from skinny runt to sleek and healthy. We're having a few problems integrating her with William.... maybe after we get her neutered things will quiet down?

Have you ever read Mother Theresa's Prayer? I'm sure she wrote many, but usually this one particular one is referred to as her prayer. Heady stuff. She was quite the spiritual warrior. When I read the prayer I get a reaction like I do when I hear about Einstein's theory of relativity - that is, I understand it for a split second, then the second is gone. There are three parts and here's a sample of one line "Deliver me O Jesus from the fear of being ridiculed." And "That others may be loved more than I, Jesus grant me the grace to desire it." Wow. I probably won't be reading that particular prayer too much because it's a lot to aspire to for us little human's, ya know. But it's an amazing prayer that you can probably find through Googling. Interesting that this powerful person, Mother T, lived during our lifetime.

This pic's dedicated to Mother T. "Morning Glory".... and she sure was, wasn't she.

What have you all been doing on these last days of summer? Interesting, there are NO leaves that have even started turning on our maple. Have you been to your County Fair? Ours is running next week and it's one of the oldest fairs around, over 100 years old. Yum, love that greasy fair food that you can only get from those little vendors in the white trailers. I've heard there's a new treat going around, a deep-fried Oreo cookie coated with batter. I'm going to see if they've come here yet and clog my arties with one if they do. Sorry arteries, but once a year I just gotta do it ;)

Have a peaceful smooth day,

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