Saturday, March 18, 2006

Fairy Fairylet Houses or... Gnome Homes

Gnome Homes (Fairylet Houses)
These are my entries into the's current show "Springboard" the theme is to show how other artists have influenced your work. I'm also hoping to get these paintings into the local art center's "Music at an Exhibition" show which has a musical theme. There are musical notes and symbols and references to songs scattered throughout on these paintings.

The gnomelet homes are made out of fanciful squash and are influenced by the old cartoon strip "The Teenie Weenies" which fascinated me as a kid. It was about a land of tiny humans who made things out of the natural environment, like an acorn top would be a bath tub, a blade of grass would be a kid's slide, etc. Similar to Gulliver's Travels. "The Incredible Shrinking Man" was also one of my fav movies. So I have a thang for life in miniature such as the fairies that inhabit the squash houses ;)

Each painting of the three tells a tale... The first one is an afternoon delight tete-a-tete in Gnomeland based on the same song. (Get it? Their little gnomelet shoes are left outside the door and a do-not-disturb sign is posted on the wall. wink, wink). The second painting is the gnome family's new home with the words Home Sweet Home and 3 pairs of shoes outside the door including the little pair, since the gnomes have obviously moved on from afternoon tete-a-tete's to happy family life with a little one now (and more on the way). And the third one is after the kids have grown up and moved out and there are Just the Two of Us left. Notice that the female fairylet's sexy black high heels that were in the first painting have been replaced with fuzzy pink scuffs :) Sound familiar? (teeee) I used my own whimsical caligraphy on the paintings.

Would you like to see the rest of the entries in the show? Go to, scroll down on that home page until you see the box that says "Springboard" exhibit and click on it. You will see my paintings on the 3rd page. Don't worry, I'll be reminding you to VOTE in a couple weeks when all these entries are up for awards in the show. Wish me luck~~~


Friday, March 17, 2006

PeBbLy Snow

An interesting snow-fall last night, pebbly, cobbly, hummocky snow. Francine managed to get all the way out there by stepping in all the valleys and not on the mounds. It almost looked like she left no tracks at all.

The Michigan Motto: If you don't like the weather today, just hang around because it will be different tomorrow. How true. I had just taken the pic (below) to post how my sedum were growing the day before yesterday, and the next day we had snow! Well, it shouldn't surprise me because we've got a month left where snow can happen any day. Although the weather is getting nicer and the sky bluer by the day. YAY!


Bountiful beans

This is one of Becki's beautiful plants on it's way to be displayed and sold at a Kalamazoo restaurant. Aren't these beans amazing - they're so lush and full of life. Check out the tiny curled tendrils and the unique border. Wow, a beautiful painting Becki :)

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Radical Rads

Here is Becki's latest: Aren't these rads radical!

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Hello Bloggers:
Rick and I tested the blogspot system and noticed that bloggers have to actually sign up with blogspot and give themselves a blogger password and username before they can leave a comment here. And that it's a PAIN. We think that is why more people e-mail than leave comments. Oh, well, blogspot is currently free so I guess it's just something we'll have to live with for right now. One thing we've noticed though, if you sign up to leave a comment, we've never had anyone tell us that they've gotten any spam from this site or gotten any advertisements. We can't guarantee that, but it seems to be working that way so far.

PS Five new paintings are being worked on as we speak.

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