Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Becki's art is Art of the Day

Stop on over the www.EBSQart.com and see Becki's art which made "Art of the Day" for today, Tuesday, Feb. 21. Look to the right of the main screen and you'll see Becki's "Ruby Red Swiss Chard". It's a fav of mine and she did an amazing job! Hurry on over now, they're only up for one day. CONGRATS Becki :) ! >^..^< :o)

PS If you missed seeing it today, just look in the same spot for Art of the Day, click the art and you'll get to see the line-up for this week so you won't have totally missed it.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Fairy House Painting

LATE FLASH: And here is what it looks like after I IRONED it between two sheets of craft paper. Muchhhh better - nice and flat with no warps or waviness and it will look better framed. So my question has been answered :)


"Fairylet Homes: Time for Dinner" - this one is finished with two more two go. My Fairylet paintings will be in local exhibits this summer and will be for sale. If you would like to own the original or a print, or all three paintings, when they are finished and/or framed, e-mail me with inquiries. This is a (slightly crooked) close-up of the center of the painting where the fairy house is. There are many more fantasy plants in the painting than can be seen here. I'm waiting for that elusive sun to come out here in Michigan so I can take some decent pictures. Copyright 2006 Annie M! Annie M! Watercolor paints, dyes, India ink, graphite, acrylic paints on all archival acid-free watercolor paper (whew! that's a mouthful)


QUESTION for artists, especially for WATERCOLORISTS...

In art school the students had access to what was called a "heat press", a big flat press that the teachers used for laminating stuff - just lift the flat lid, place your watercolor on the bed, cover with a waxed paper and shut the lid and heat press it for several seconds. It was easy as pie, no more warpy wavy watercolor paintings. Does anyone know of an online place that would press watercolors? Or do you have a method for pressing the wrinkles out of your watercolor paintings? Another free greeting card awaits the artist who e-mails me with the answer - or your choice of three mini-cards. :) I may switch back to my all time fav, Crescent watercolor boards that never warp no matter how much water you put on them. But I'd gotten several pads of watercolor paper that I'm using up, and I must say I like the watercolor boards much better.


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