Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Hoping to breathe some new life into my old blog

After switching over to FB for awhile since I'd heard that was 'THE place to be", I'll be coming back here where I can blab for as long as I want, not just in tiny bites. I might even get a tutorial up and running that I've been working on. Also I've illustrated 3 more books, total of 5 books I've illustrated for kids, so I'll have a lot to post about those. But it's late, so I'll be back in the morning and start regenerating this blog. If there all one of you still out there! Or hopefully I can send some newbies over.
C U all soon. Oh, before I forget, you can go to Amazon and in your book search type in Ellie's Room to see the latest book I've illustrated for an author. It's about a little girl learning lessons about what happens when you keep your room too messy :) It's a fun read for a grandma to take to the beach to read with the grand kids.
C U soon,


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