Saturday, April 01, 2006

Time to Vote :)

And here's the dove's nest. Kinda skimpy, isn't it. I've seen her mate bringing her little branches to weave into the nest. I hope it gets bigger, but I've no idea how big they build their nests.

A dove in a nest(?) right outside our window. Kind of a skimpy nest? Maybe it's a baby being taught how to fly rather than a nest. When I went out to get Francine untangled from a bush, the bigger dove clipped me in the head with her feathers when she took off and this one remained behind. Last summer I got hit in the face with a bird nest falling out of a tree - felt like it was from a great height too. Whack. That'll wake ya up.


Time to VOTE bloggers! Drop on over to the EBSQ site and vote for my green gnome home. Yes, your vote IS important - remember that even one vote can mean the difference between an award and no award. I shore would be greatful for anyone who wants to vote.

...k, here's all you do. Go to; then scroll down the main page until you come to the show "Springboard" (it's a picture of a person's feet on a diving board) and click on it; then on that page go up to "See the show" tab and click on that; then on the next page, in the middle you'll see arrows to go to the next page of the show. Mine is the last one in row one on PAGE THREE. Click on it and you will see a "vote now" place. They will ask you to sign in as a "Patron" in order to vote. It doesn't cost anything, all you do is give yourself a name and password and from now on you can access the whole site including the interesting forums where the artists talk back and forth. It's a good show and a small show - only 4 pages of entries this time. So drop on by and see a lot of good art.

I'm working on two very large Madonnas to enter in the summertime competitions and finished two cobbly churches, all done in oil pastel sticks. I'll keep you posted on progress when I take some shots.

Do you have good weather where you are? Yesterday we were able to open the windows ALL DAY! Smelling the spring air after the stale indoor Michigan air ALL winter can be intoxicating, no?

Monday, March 27, 2006

Crewel Embroidered Pillows

...k, Lil J. Here's a close-up of the pillows for ya. Granny made the granny square pillow (appropriate, no?), mom the two crewel embroidered pillows. For years I had the crewel pillows packed away as kind of "dated"; but then I realized how beautiful they were and now I treasure them. PS: Pay no attention to the cat hair on the sofa, please. ;)

Who says I don't have good taste in jewelry?
Scroll your mouse over the ring and watch it light up!