Friday, July 29, 2005

JoKe; Heart-Shaped Food ;)

Funniest joke I've ever heard, from "As Time Goes By" a Britcom on PBS:

- A tortoise got mugged by a snail. When the police asked the tortoise if he could identify his assailant, he said "No. It all happened too quickly."

ha hahahahah HA HA ha ha ah oooooo ha HA HA HA AH HA HA!!!!! (slapping knee)

Just had to tell ya that one, I loved it :)

Now, CALL THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER - call THE TATTLER, call 'em all!!! SELL it on Ebay... Rick just found..... (ta da) a walnut shaped like a HEART (see below). I just know we're going to make a million on Ebay with it ;)

Ok, ok, so it's NOT a patch of refrigerator mold that looks like Mother Theresa. Ain't it cute though?

Is the heat getting to anybody else?

'River Derche, keep cool.

Who says I don't have good taste in jewelry?
Scroll your mouse over the ring and watch it light up!