Thursday, November 15, 2007

Silky crayons

(P.S. So FUNNY, ha HA ha ha! I see I've glazed a cat hair into my painting :) :) TG this is only a class project and intended for my wall only. Well, I guess that means that we not only eat cat hair around here (I know, I know, YUCKKKK), but use it for art as well, teeee. Now, how can I work the derned stuff into art like the dryer-lint lady, who BTW, is actually selling her works for pretty good prices on Ebay. That's what I love about Ebay. Who'd a thunk it :) )

Hi Bloggies:

Just wanted to share a note about a nifty art supply we just tried out in Pat's inspirational art class called "Silky Crayons". The effect was very much like glazed oils or washes of water color and it was wonderful to work with. It thins with water so there was no solvent smell. These are chunky soft crayon-like pigments in a pastel-like holder and very soft, spreadable, and easy to shade. We used them on regular oil-painting gessoed canvas. These were found in the children's art supply department at a local book store. Who'd a thought? A kid's art supply that turns out with a very grown-up effect. The only criticism I have, and it is a small one, is that they are slightly garish if put on too thick; but, hey, sometimes garish can be really good too. I paid $9 for a big set and Pat bought a double set that cost only $13. The font I used is Annie's Fun (copyright Annie M! Annie M!) and the lettering is hand-done in India ink with many coats of sealant overall. Love your class, Pat!


If I don't post beforehand, all of you have a great TOFURKEY DAY!!!


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