Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Michigan Fall Color Photos on the Gazette Website...... Bring Pets inside for Halloween

The Humane Society (and common sense) says to keep ALL of your pets indoors for these few days of Halloween, especially if you own any black cats or dogs. LOCK 'EM UP - don't put those pets in danger just by being lazy or by thinking "it can't happen here" - pets get stolen every day and you have to be especially careful the next few days.

DO IT, bring 'em INSIDE!


My two photos (see post below) have been chosen for the Kalamazoo Gazette website. To see them, go to mlive.com/kzgazette and scroll down and to the right to Multimedia + More, where you'll see a camera icon. Click on "Photo galleries" beside the icon. There are many gorgeous shots picked by the Gazette as good representations of our beautiful Michigan fall color and amazing glowing trees. Tonight (Oct. 30) the moon should be out and it should be a good night to stand under a maple tree and see the unique "glow" from the yellow leaves :)
This photo is now listed on Ebay as an ACEO art card #220166786971. Stop by and see it - I'm in a contest to get the most unique hits ;)

Have a happy, safe and FUN Halloween, and bring those critters inside,


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