Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"Mysterioua Sargasso Sea: Moonlight and Seaweed"

Davie's fused glass paperweight "Mysterious Sargasso Sea: Moonlight with Seaweed" c 2007

David's fused glass paperweight from the same paperweight workshop that I took and posted previously. His paperweight is amazing - I only wish I were a skilled enough photographer to do it justice. It weighs in at a chunky 2 1/4 lbs. The deep midnight blue with the contrasting dark lime and teal seaweed swirling throughout is gorgeous.


Imagine a night when you and your beloved's ship is becalmed in the moonlight on the very mysterious Sargasso Sea. Shhhhh.... what's that you hear? The whispering of the whales? The sighing of sea sprites? The laughing of sea turtles? Maria Muldaur's "Midnight at the Oasis" plays gently in the background. Anything is possible on the mysterious Sargasso.

Enjoy your daydreams :),


PS: The Sargasso is an oasis of floating seaweed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean next to the Bermuda Triangle. The major ocean currents flow around it but not through it so it is an oasis of calm on the turbulent ocean. Many sea animals come to this area of calm to mate or safely lay their eggs. Just thought I'd let you know why "Midnight/Oasis" is appropriate here. Sailors and lovers beware! It is easy to get becalmed on the Sargasso ;)


Wikipedia: The Sargasso Sea of the Atlantic Ocean, lies next to the Bermuda Triangle. The term Super-Sargasso Sea is the dimension into which lost things go, whose existence was proposed by Charles Hoy Fort, writer and researcher into anomalous phenomena. It may be thought of as the spontaneous, anomalous teleportation of an object into another dimension.



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