Thursday, October 11, 2007

Alien Landing Reported in Michigan Back Yard (Happy Halloween)..... Member's Choice Award

EXTRA!! EXTRA!!! Alien Landing Reported in Michigan Back Yard

"Hello? Hello? Any intelligent life out there?"

Oh! A familiar looking species. "Hello plant. How ya doin'? What's the haps here on Earth?"

"Yes, I will report back to my leader that I have encountered an extremely intelligent and peaceful life form here on planet Earth. Glad to find out that your name is Gourdy."

"Beam me back up, Skipper. See ya Gourdy. Stop by our planet any time you're in the neighborhood."

"Always nice to encounter the rare intelligent species. We need more of them in our quadrant of the galaxy."

(--- (Happy Halloween :) ---)



I am PLEASED that my fused glass crystal ball/paperweight (above) just won a Member's Mention Award on the website. Check out to see the show "Lifting the Veil: The Art of Divination". I take divination seriously, so it was a pleasure to be in this particular show. Scroll down to the middle of the main page and click on the show. There are two other unique art shows on right now too. You'll enjoy :)

Happy me,
The Award Maven,

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