Friday, October 19, 2007

HaLlOwEeN BlAcK CaT CoOkIeS...... Gazette photos

HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!!!

How do you like my black kitty border (above)? Each little black kitty is actually a delectable artisan-made cookie made by Jennifer J. from California*. They are actually supposed to be saved for our annual birthday gathering, but lo! It just happens the frosting cracked on two cookies so yours truly and her hubbie HAD to eat them - and they were dee-eelicious; especially dunked in milk. Mmmmmm-mm. I brought some of these special cookies to my art group and they were unanimous in demanding the recipe. They thought they were so CUTE. I can see Jen's unique artistic hand in these. If you're out there reading this, LilJ, please e-mail the secret recipe (for the frosting too) and the artists would be extremely grateful.


Don't forget to stop by Rick's Astro blog (see the list on the left side of this screen) and see Rick's new star chamber. It represents three days of all day intensive work by the Sky Shed crew (Russ, Ronnie and Sarah) and it is fab! We were able to open the top last night in between two tornado warnings and see the stars. Its a beautiful little observatory complete with warm room which is essential to keep us from freezing out there in the winter. Check out Rick's astro photos while you're at his blog and look forward to many more photos now that he has his Sky Shed.

P.S. Tornado "warnings" during the night and especially in the middle of October are rare here in Michie. There were two separate warnings about an hour apart and we gathered up the kitties and went down to the basement twice. Lucky Three Rivers escaped again. They were on the north, east and west of us, one within 4 miles coming our way, but none hit here. Our cats are getting so smart - one runs for the basement when he hears the take-cover siren, the other two let themselves be caught near the basement door and allow themselves to be carried down without too much fuss.


I've entered the two photos below in a photo op at the Gazette. These two photos

have been sent in for a chance to be on the Gazette's Fall Color Tour cover and also to be posted on their website. Send me good winning vibes, please :)

Happy color, happy fall,

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