Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Reiki Certificate.... and Morning Glory Flowers

Open photos - any artist feel free to copy or paint with compliments of Annie M! Annie M! c 8/2007

I am happy to have gained my Reiki II certificate. Reiki is a form of hands-on energy balancing. The short version that I give is that it's a form of balancing the Universal healing energy that is always available to us; and it's the placing and holding of the therpists hands on energy points such as shoulders, head, elbows, etc. (they call these chakras) The long version is that it's a more spiritual therapy of balancing the healing energy that we all possess. The reiki therapist assists people to channel healing energy through their bodies. I have been getting this therapy once a week from Reiki Master Becky and it works for me! I'm happy to have completed the course to gain my Reiki II certificate. There is only one more level of reiki to complete, reiki III, and I hope to gain that within the next year.

Reading books is a good way to learn about reiki (or anything). There's one called "Essential Reiki" which I haven't bought yet, but it's on my Amazon wish list. I've also read part of a book by Barbara Brennan (sp) on healing energy. It was a detailed book and I found it a little complex to read, I never made it through the whole book even though I've started it twice.

Enjoy the *now*.... and ~R~E~L~A~X~ :)


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