Monday, July 04, 2005

"WaR oF tHe WoRLdS" Movie

We saw the new version of one of our all time favorites, "WaR oF tHe WoRlDs" this weekend. And it is an EXCELLENT sci-fi movie! We'd heard such bad publicity that we almost didn't go - and we all couldn't figure out the critics who panned this movie so badly? Huh??? This movie was great :)

The giant Tripod Invaders were GREAT and really ~s~c~a~r~e~y~. If you're a sci-fi fan who really gets into the details, the tri-pods were based on a very old artist's paperback pulp cover version that I'd once seen, only very updated for 2005. We'd heard it was all special effects (which were excellent BTW) and no plot. Huh, again? Of course the character development of the 1950's can't be surpassed, but they did a really good job of letting you get to know who these characters were. And for the REAL sci-fi fans who get into the minutiae, you'll be pleasantly surprised to see a few references to other favorite sci-fi movies tucked in, i.e., the famous creepy "backyard fence" from "Invaders from Mars"; and guess who show up at the very end as grandparents - the original stars from the 50's movie, Ann Robinson and Gene Barry. They're just on the screen for an instant right when the little girl gets reunited with her mother, these are her grandparents. All in all, we were entertained, very SCARED and thrilled by this re-make of the classic story by the writer genius H. G. Wells :) Definitely a "Go See It" for ADULT sci-fi fans.


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