Friday, May 20, 2005


I guess the psychic was right when she told me I needed to "let go of my babies that I make with my hands. Let them out into the world because you tend to hold them too closely to you." Since I've been letting my art go a little more, good things have been happening. I won a "People's Mention" award on the EBSQ website for my "Hey, Diddle Diddle" cow in their Cow contest which means I get a teeny little "Award" icon next to my name on their site. I was very happy and humbled since I am the world's slowest painter and I don't produce much.

I know a lot of people think that psychics are just so much ka-ka grande, but I've had really good luck with them on the rare occasions I go. Here's a little story aout what one psychic told me a couple years ago... A friend and I had heard that a little boutique shop had a psychic giving readings on certain days of the week. So we decided to stop in cold and see if we could get a reading (we did not make an appointment). We'd never been to this store before so we didn't know either the (crabby) owner or the (nice) psychic. My girlfriend went in first. Then when she came out, it was my turn. The psychic began her spiel with an explanation of tarot cards which is the method she uses to do her readings. She also said she starts by channeling people's spirit guide. She said usually these were animals, a relative or other people who were positively concerned with our lives. She peered at me. She shuffled her cards. She hummmmed and hooo'd, she shuffled and peered more. She shuffled.... and peered. She finally said, you know, once in a while we psychics see something that is so unusual it's embarrassing or hard for us to tell people about it. I thought, OMG what does she see hovering around me? The girl from the Exorcist? A spooky ghost? What? Then she finally said, well I'll take the plunge... What I see hoving above your heard is like a cartoon figure and do you remember when Porky Pig used to say, th-th-th-that's all folks? Well, as strange as it sounds, that is what I see and I've never seen anything like it before! I said, HEY, YES, yes, that is EXACTLY right on! I'm a humorous illustrator and that's my job, that's how I've suppored myself for the past 8 years, I do whimsical humorous and cartoony illustration. I even taught popular classes, Cartooning and Space Craft Design! We laughed and laughed about how "right on" she was. She said, ya' know, I almost didn't tell you about it because it was kind of EMBARRASSING! How funny! So that's the kind of luck I have around psychics, almost always I get readings that are so far in tune with me and my life that it's unbelievable. ************************

Here's a little "Color Purple" collage taken from my yard last week... the springtime purples are all up and running :) This one's for my dad who just celebrated his 89th birthday Sunday! He partied from 1:00 pm until 10:30 p.m.! We can't keep up with him!


Update on the strange-alien-odd-slimy-looking-bioform in my cedar tree. It really is getting to be an eeeeewwwww thing now :( I've noticed that some of the tips of my cedar's branches are starting to turn brown, which isn't unusal for a cedar, but I'm blaming it on these aliens plants that landed in it. So I've knocked down all but one or two. Whereas they were very funny before with their long orange knobies, now they're getting gross with these slimy orange tentacles hanging down. Eeeewwww, run, run.... don't forget "You're next! You're next!"

"Don't touch me" Francine

Who says I don't have good taste in jewelry?
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