Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Crab Apple BLOOMS!

Pics of our bloomin' crab apple. We think these blooms may be around for just today and possibly tomorrow. The rain and wind that we're getting usually destroys the blooms.Enjoy this very short-lived treat :)

When we first moved here in 1987 we said "Gee those crab apple trees are in bad shape and really have to go." Every year since they've been making it "just one more year". Since they are on their last legs anyway, I've let the area around one of them remain natural and let the English Ivy climb up one tree. I know, this is a big no-no if you want a healthy tree since ivy growing on their trunk saps their energy; but since these are almost gone, I'm letting the ivy grow and they look gorgeous. The ivy swings down in great tendrils like a green curtain and it looks like something from the steamy swampy Florida marshes. Very dark and wet and beautiful. And here's the mate from the other side of the yard.

Speaking of trees..... a remnant of tree campaigns past (below)....

Happy Tree Hugging,


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