Saturday, April 23, 2005

UPDATE: Strange Alien Plant in Cedar Tree CHANGES !!!

Interesting.... the alien plants that landed in our cedar tree are CHANGING even more (~~~Twilight Zone music playing~~~). (See about two posts below for pics of when I first found them and the spikes were red). The small red spikey things that covered them have CHANGED --- to long ORANGE puffed up things! Should we run? I swear that one looks like it's holding a tiny camera... and the other one... oh NO... the other one... it looks like it's wearing a pink.... FLEA collar! Oh, my! Do I hear it saying "Help me! Help me! I'm on the shelf."? (Lilo-ish guessed that one right, good job.) Here are some pics we managed to snap just before we heard that loud CHEWING munching sound (Langoleers, anyone?)....

Still no clues anyone? Alas (sigh).... admittedly this is probably caused by an icky fungus of some sort (notice how my hand wisely still doesn't come in contact with the thingys). But I can hope, can't I??? (laf a lot)
Have fun and any ideas on what this odd-looking thing is are invited ;)


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