Thursday, August 09, 2007

Cartoon Kalama Zoo

Here is a link to a funny old cartoon about the name Kalamazoo compliments of Jen J who lives in Cali of Fornia. I thought it was SOoooo funny because Kalamazoo is my old home town and people have made funny of the name since forever. Evidently Merry Melodies picked up on the name and produced this old cartoon - looks like from the 30's or early 40's. The old cartoons are kind of weird and Twilight Zoney rather than funny in my humble opinion - kind of like bad dreams with a hint of funny. Can't believe we raised a whole generation of kids on them (like moi, perhaps?). It is a hoot and I'm going to pass the link onto the Kalamazoo Gazette because they publish stuff about funny uses of the name Kalamazoo. Having grown up there, we all think the name is normal, but I guess it is funny to those not used to it. Who would guess it's a major art community and is actually a good sized small big town (if that makes any sense?). Kalamazoo sounds like everyone living there should look like some sort of zoo animal, no? Maybe we do and just don't know it, HA! I include myself in the "we" since we hope to move back to my old town at some future date. Here is the link:

If you can't access it, let me know and I will try again.

Enjoy the hot sultry summer night,

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