Sunday, September 04, 2005

Art for HURRICANE Relief

Hello Bloggers:

Many artists on Ebay and on are getting together tonight to auction art to help the human and animal hurricane victims. There will be some amazing art listed tonight on Ebay for prices you won't normally see again - plus, if you buy a piece of art, you'll be helping the Katrina victims. Why not stop on by - between my mom and I we have 10 paintings listed. Go to: and search on these words; or use my list of Ebay numbers below: "A2H" (the search word for the Ebay artists, but don't use the quotes, just use A2H) or "Artstorm" the search words for the EBSQ artists. All of these are listed through Ebay's charitable branch called Mission designated. Did you see my little black kitty painting in the post below? Well... here's your chance to OWN it! And the little garden painting below.

If you heard about it on my blog, let me know that and I'll give a $2 shipping discount to fellow bloggers :) P.S. All Mission Fish (charitable) auctions on Ebay have a little black ribbon in their titles (like the breast cancer ribbon, only black) meaning that it is a genuine Mission Fish listing and not just a seller whose trying to scam ya.

Ebay #'s to get you started:
7348471437 (this one won't be listed till tonight)

See ya over there!

both by mom


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