Monday, March 28, 2005

Mom's Art

Somehow when I was correcting my spelling, I lost two recent posts. Here's Mom's Art again....

Mom's Art

And... here are a few examples of mom's art :) Mom was a wood carver and oil painter and she combined these two talents into carved wood ornaments. These are totally hand-carved and not from a kit. She used examples from the wood carving magazines and many are her own creation.

She then oil panted each carved piece and then heavily varnished or matte finished them.

They are all three-dimensional and she carved and painted the backs as well as the front. My favorite is the Irishman here. Isn't his face great, rosey cheeks, warm eyes and all. He's all done in shades of green.

She also carved wall plaques too and I'll post some of those at a later date. Mom did the craft-show circuit for several years. She never priced her work high enough, so consequently she sold a lot. There are a lot of lucky people out there who own some of her artwork (and I hope they are treasuring them too). She did oil paintings of flowers, puppies, landscapes and her craft booth was always full of people. She also made sure she made cheap things so kids could buy them and she painted detailed little beautiful animals on rocks and sold them for $.50 so her booth was popular with kids too.

All artwork seen on this site is property of the individual artist who created it and cannot be lifted or used in any way, shape or form without permission of the original artist. Please respect the rights of all sentient beings. Thank you... and happy painting :)


Don't forget to check out "Rick's Astro Pics" on the left side of this page. He's posted an amazing series of pics of the M-51 nebula showing you exactly what he did in Photoshop. Considering our continually overcast weather, it is amazing that he's able to get as many good astro pics as he does. He has to rush out when we hear on the Weather that it might be "partially cloudy", set up and calibrate his astronomy & computer gear, and then take his photos from our light-polluted yard. Rick is obsessively patient, and I think that's what you need to calibrate and use all that complex equipment. I'm waiting for him to take some pictures of the moon that I can frame. Or to see an alien space craft, UFO or meteorite landing on the moon so we can sell the negs for lots of money :) Just thought I'd throw that in to wake you up after this long blog. :)

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