Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"Michigan Harvest" Painting

The painting below is "Harvest" and I'm getting it ready for a local competition. Wish me luck! What you see here is the first under-painting, with a little more finished look to the peas on the left side. They're far from done though. I'll be adding a background color of the yellowy glowy smoke-filled blue that the sky is filled with in Michigan in the fall. (Especially now, since they've closed a local recycling center and everyone around here burns their leaves now, choke, choke). I love playing with perspective, or the "ant's eye view" of things, and you can really tell with this painting. The plants are leaning hungrily toward the sun. Here are some close-ups. As I progress on this, I'll add more photos as I go along and make this into a short tutorial (once an art teacher, always an art teacher I guess). Who am I influenced by with this painting I ask? Tim Burton on this one. We just finished watching his "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" with Johnny Depp.

Have a great T-Day,


All work is copyrighted 2006 to the artist.

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