Monday, April 10, 2006

Mourning Dove Progress.....

Becki's latest painting. Asparagus is a beautiful unusual veggie and Becki makes it absolutely magical. Of course, Michigan produces the best asparagus in the world, but that goes without saying. ;) This will be up for sale in a popular restaurant in downtown Kalamazoo, so I have a feeling that it will sell fast like her last paintings. Becki captures the essence of plants - beautiful, magical, and intelligent beings that they are.


Loyal little mourning dove, still sitting on her eggs. The male came around yesterday and sat by her for a while. She does the "egg dance" which is shuffling around back and forth and turning her eggs slowly over and over (I think that's what she's doing anyway). Still no babies yet.

And here is a black bird I caught picking up the nesting material (cotton string) that I've been putting out in the back yard. I'm glad it's being put to good use. We've put out tons of cotton string in strips of 3, 4 and 6" and it's all gone by the next morning. Busy place, my backyard. We have a pair of doves, robins, cardinals, purple finch and blackbirds nesting in our skimpy trees, plus a lot of other birds who come here for string water and food. There are no leaves at all yet - I never realized what a precarious time spring is for the birds. They're all nest building but since there are no leaves yet, anybody and everybody can see those nests until the leaves come out which are several weeks away.

Who says I don't have good taste in jewelry?
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