Thursday, April 06, 2006

Dove Eggs

... and eggs today! Although I don't hold much hope for the survival of the babies with such a low skimpy nest and it's right out there pretty much in the open. The windy season is coming up here soon, and a stray cat in the neighborhood, and racoons, etc. etc. Francine is a pretty smart cat and I've already told her "no" about the nest so she hasn't gotten into it. But if the babies ever hit the ground without my seeing it, it may be too much of a temptation for even the best behaved kitty. So I hope the babies survive, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. One year I heard three doves singing in harmony. First one would sing their song (koo-ah-koo-koo-koo), then the second, then the third, then they'd all sing it together. They did this over and over which is harmony. Neat.

PS Thanks for the comments guys. I will be keeping Francine on a shorter leash and doing what I can to help these guys survive. And, YES, I will be checking the nest every day before I let her out so she won't get the babies. Thanks for the wake-up calls guys :) I needed waking up! It is too much to expect a cat not to go after the babies, even a smart cat like her so we'll be on guard duty for awhile ;)

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