Monday, July 31, 2006

"An Impatient Letter from God" by Lozoff... and.WATER YOUR PETS

Hi All:
Here is a timely little story written by Bo Lozoff, the founder of the Human Kindness Foundation/Prison Ashram Project. Considering the politics and war going on in the world right now in the name of religion (and other factors), everyone should read this unique short story/letter "An Impatient Letter from God". Here is the link. I hope it works. If you can't just click on it to get to it, then copy this link and put it on the top line of your browser. This has been circulated widely on the internet without credit to Bo, but here's the original unedited version at this link
Don't forget in this hot weather to put WATER OUT FOR YOUR PETS and make sure they can get into the shade. Also put water out for the wild ones, the birds, squirrels, moles, etc. (although I'd rather the moles went somewhere else this year, ha) This hot humid weather is hard on everyone. It's especially hard on pets - how would you like to be outside when it's 95, humid and you're wearing a fur coat to boot!*?#*"! We use the flat pan from a big old flower pot as a groundling bath. I know you'll find something to put out there for them.

Peace (and I mean it),

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