Monday, May 24, 2004

TORNADO - What would you save?

Three Rivers, Michigan - The Great Wind of '04

What would you save if a tornado were about to strike? The answer to this questions tells us all a lot about ourselves. May 21, 2004: The "Big Wind of '04" hit Three Rivers, Michigan. It was 2 1/2 days until we got our power back - no toilet flushing, no water, no lights, no freezer, and worst of all, no INTERNET.

Locally, tornados were sighted and confirmed in the air; some damage was said to be caused by wind-shears and straight-line winds. As we ran for cover to our basement, I discovered that in order, these were my priorities as the "take cover" sirens went off. Keeping in mind that we had a minute or two while the air was turning completely black. My priorities: 1. I knew where Rick was because he was running around madly just like me. 2. We rounded up the cats and locked them in the basement. 3. My purse. 4. Rick's wallet. Now, Rick's priorities were: 1. The emergency lanterns. 2. Batteries.

A number of interesting inferences about what we all would save can furnish food for thought. For instance, a man, Rick, concerned with SURVIVAL = lights and batteries first. A woman, me, concerned with MONEY = wallets, & purses. What do you think you would save first? There's no question in either of our minds that LIFE (i.e, each other and the cats) came first. But after life, what's your choice?

Many of our oldest and most beloved local residents, the large old hardwood trees, lost their lives in the Great Wind of '04. Above is a tree two blocks from us that will be dearly missed.

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