Thursday, October 21, 2004

Update to Halloween True Ghost Story

UPDATE: Hi Bloggers: Very interesting - Wednesday night, Oct. 20, on the new television show "Proof Positive" on the Sci-Fi channel there was a segment on a group of 30 fire fighters in Florida claiming that their fire house was haunted. One of the "proofs" of this haunting were photographs taken of guess what? Orbs! The television host called them "spirit orbs". Funny thing, the main orb that they photographed looked much like one of the Pair of orbs that appear together in most of my pictures. Very spooky... no? What do you think? Happy Halloween!

Annie 8)

P.S. We've used up almost all of our web space so we won't be making any more entries on our blog until Nov. 1. Sorry - what do other people do when you use up all your space? Do you just wait it out until the new month starts?

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